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In 2015 we published a book by R. A. Fleming and K. Burkowski in North America and in Europe under the Imprint:

Redefining the Sacred   and
Redefining the Sacred

As well, RTS will continue to provide educational materials free online in our Answers for Kids section.

Feeling Awe

Feel the awe and wonder of reality.

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S C I E N C E, R E A S O N A N D R E V E R E N C E

What is Sacred?

The Sacred has been defined and re-defined throughout human history. What we believe affects not only how we live our daily lives, but also what we expect from our schools, societies and governments.
Explore the evolution of the Sacred from prehistoric time to the present and see why it is time for a new definition.

Why Men Made God has a companion website, with pictures, maps, links to videos, and other information to enhance your reading of the book. New items are continually being added as we discover them. Visit the site...

Book Launch Party: See photos.

Why Men Made God

Where to buy Why Men Made God.

Where did we come from?

In today's modern, scientific world, the simplistic answers that satisfied previous generations are no longer good enough.

Give your children answers based on scientific evidence, not supernatural imaginings.
                                    ...learn how

My Place in the Universe


Welcome Home!

"We are part of the universe. Our earth was created from the universe and will one day be reabsorbed into the universe. We are made of the same matter and energy as the universe. We are not in exile here: we are at home...

The universe creates us, preserves us, destroys us. It is deep and old beyond our ability to reach with our senses. It is beautiful beyond our ability to describe in words. It is complex beyond our ability to fully grasp in science. We must relate to the universe with humility, awe, reverence, celebration and the search for deeper understanding...

This overwhelming presence is everywhere inside you and outside you and you can never be separated from it."

~ Paul Harrison
World Pantheist Movement

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